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天天看片 Health News' 'What the Health?': Live From Aspen: Health and the 2024 Elections


Health policy may not be the top issue in this year鈥檚 presidential and congressional elections, but it鈥檚 likely to play a key role. President Joe Biden and Democrats intend to hold Republicans responsible for the Supreme Court鈥檚 unpopular ruling overturning the right to abortion, and former President Donald Trump aims to take credit for government efforts to lower prescription drug prices 鈥 even in cases in which he played no role. Meanwhile, some critical health care issues, such as those involving Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, are unlikely to get discussed much, even though the party in power after the elections would control the future of those programs. This week, in an episode taped before a live audience at the Aspen Ideas: Health festival in Aspen, Colorado, Margot Sanger-Katz of The New York Times and Sandhya Raman of CQ Roll Call join 天天看片 Health News鈥 Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more.

How Two States Reveal a Deeper Divide on Insuring Kids鈥 Health

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Arizona and Florida lawmakers saw trouble ahead for children in 2023, with states slated 鈥 as the covid-19 pandemic waned 鈥 to resume disenrolling ineligible people from Medicaid. So, legislators in both states voted to expand a safety net known as the Children鈥檚 Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, which covers those 18 and younger in […]

Presidential Politics, Polka and Wisconsin

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Wisconsin, the land of fried cheese curds and the Green Bay Packers, is one of a half-dozen key battleground states where President Biden is trying to make health care a key issue in his expected November matchup with former president Donald Trump. Biden narrowly won Wisconsin in 2020, after it went for Trump in 2016. […]

Weight-Loss Drugs Are So Popular They鈥檙e Headed for Medicare Negotiations

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The steep prices 鈥 and popularity 鈥 of Ozempic and similar weight-loss and diabetes drugs could soon make them a priority for Medicare drug price negotiations. List prices for a month鈥檚 supply of the drugs range from $936 to $1,349, according to the Peterson-天天看片 Health System Tracker. The Inflation Reduction Act President Biden signed in […]